We provide a wide range of support services and specialized independent analysis for infrastructure funds and sponsors, lenders or rating agencies in major transactions. We have a clear understanding of the project cycle in a diversity of PPP and transaction structures, gained from our experience as advisors to many types of stakeholders. The long-term nature and investment profile of infrastructure assets demands special knowledge and best practices, which Solvere is able to offer. Our specialized services include:

  • Payment mechanisms, OpEx and CapEx forecasting, asset condition analysis, risk assessments and compliance reviews.
  • Commercial support. Analysis of the contractual framework and in-depth analysis of the technical requirements under the main contract and their pass-through to subcontractors.
  • Vendor assistance: support in the preparation of information memoranda and technical advice in selling and capital raising processes.
  • Bid support to project sponsors.
  • Development of probabilistic models for the estimation of contractual and financial risks in complex performance-based and availability payment contracts.
  • Whole life costing and analysis of alternatives to determine the economic optimality of solution.

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